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Enhance your Lifestyle,
Increase your Wealth,

Invest Confidently.

Headwaters Investment Counsel is an independent investment advisory firm located in Gates Mills, Ohio providing counsel for long-term investors throughout the Greater Cleveland area and Ohio.

Our mission is to enable our clients to enhance their lifestyle with income that rises faster than inflation and increase their wealth as a result of increasing investment prices caused by the rapidly growing income. A simple understanding of how this happens gives our clients the peace of mind to invest with confidence.

Headwaters Dividend Growth Strategy

  • Maximizes investment yield and total return while minimizing risk
  • Enables income and principal to grow and compound
  • Allows clients to enhance their lifestyle through income growth
  • Income growth consistently beats inflation protecting purchasing power
  • Minimizes market volatility offering a smoother ride to higher returns
  • Instills confidence to adhere to disciplined strategy in tough markets

The Headwaters Dividend Growth Strategy is designed for long-term investors who dislike the volatility of the stock market, but understand that common stocks remain the most effective way to increase wealth over time. We work closely with our clients to create income and growth portfolios that are tailored specifically to their needs and long-term goals. The Headwaters Strategy provides tremendous opportunity for any investor who is aiming to build great wealth with relatively low risk.